GATE OF NOR is my contribution as a major Kickstarter to ‘SON OF NOR‘, developed by an indipendent producer, called ‘Still Alive Studios‘, Innsbruck, Austria. A NPC, named ‘Ervare’ [Ervare stands in Africans for ‘The man knowing’] will wait in the ‘Temple of NOR’ for visitors who made their way through the ‘Dessert of NOR’. There Ervare will speak to the person approaching and see if there is passion and endurance in the player´s heart. Then he might open the ‘GATE OF NOR’ and hand out a ‘tool’ so the player gets ready for the next challenge: ‘READY PLAYER ONE?’ This challenges is ‘outside’ the world of NOR. It is the world of the arts …

What is so special in SON OF NOR? Why I support this as an artist and curator of 3D Digital Art? SON OF NOR  can be steared by the mind. Telephatic [telepathic] art. Thats why I decided to support the team.


Come on and be an early bird and buy a copy of ‘SON OF NOR’ via Kickstarter, Steam, download or send an e-mail for a pre-order to the studio. Just a few coins to make a team of 10 indipendent programmers happy. All of them are spread around the globe: Austria, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA. This is their first project and they deserve the success. They got an offer of a major US gaming company for a take over the full studio and the staff. They said: NO. They did not want to sell their soul as then SON OF NOR would not have been completed. They decided for their freedom.

Let it happen and support them. Do we not all have dreams? Let their dream come true!  I dont care of the money I invested. Ervare will be the first telephatic NPC ever. I made my point.

Now some young people need you to see that Roy in Bladerunner is not fully right when he says: ‘It´s time to die.’ It is time to be alive – Still Alive

Video made by Glasz DeCuir

IMPRINT  [needed by German law]:

Ervare [=Reiner in ROT-13]: Reiner Schneeberger, Dorfstr. 14, D 04416 Markkleeberg. e-mail: info [@] gateofnor [.] com

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